Pixels Productions is a company founded by experienced and motivated young people that aim at challenging the traditional concepts of Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, Video and Audio Production. Quality assurance and result-oriented approach are the two underlying paradigms of project design and implementation. Pixels Productions seeks to maximize the benefit for its clients by applying state of the art methods and instruments that ensure efficient targeting, activity design and quantifiable results.


Pixels production is privately owned company founded in 1993 by Gëzim and Gazmend Avdiu, specializing in media production, advertising, and marketing.During the past decade, Pixels Production has produced a large number of documentaries, artistic films, music videos, TV/radio advertisements, and other media and advertising components. This ranks the company among leading media and advertising studios in Kosova. Our professional approach, expertise, creativity and perfectionism make Pixels Production’s unique. We are determined to keep this personality and further develop our capabilities by being in touch with the latest technologies as well as the latest trends in media production.




Pixels L.L.C., 26 Xhelal Mitrovica, Prishtinë 10010, Kosovo





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